Affordable Passive House


Passive house is a no brainer.

1- Global warming

Passive houses had an average energy savings of 90 percent, this means that less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) in our power stations

2- Lower Utility Costs

Heat your house with only 3000 watts or the input power equivalent of 2 hair dryers !

Why not build a Passive House and save 15-30k in an overly complicated HVAC ?

Passive House mechanical loads are so reduced that you only need a very tiny system for heating and cooling. A 3000 sq ft Canadian Passive Home can be heated with a 3000 watt heater and an Arizona home can be cooled with the smallest window air conditioner (need a heat recovery system to mix the air).

3- Better Indoor Air Quality

4- Comfort

5- Construction Quality and Durability

Thermwall houses are insulated from the outside - R-20 wood stud wall with thermal bridging can bring the effective R-value down as low as R-15.

6-Peace and Quiet

No noisy HVAC system that start every 10 minutes,the best defense against noisy neighbors

7-Reduced Reliance on Outside Power

Build a off-grid homes with a very small solar system and save on propane.


The overall cost of the Thermwall system is lower than a stick built home .

9- Up to $30,000 in saving on mechanicals

Installing a whole-house HVAC system can cost $15,000 vs $5,000 for a passive house

10- Up to $10,000 in saving on solar

Smaller solar system and solar battery bank = huge savings !